Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Worth a thousand words

Recently I deleted my Myspace profile. Shocking I know. I am now one of about three Americans under the age of 30 who does not have a page. Upon deleting my page an old high school friend (who was on my friends list) called me and we had the following conversation:

Brad: So you deleted you page huh?
Me: Yep.
Brad: Why?
Me: I was sick of it. I was spending too much time on it at work.
Brad: You know its probably a good thing.
Me: Yeah I think so...wait why do you think its good?
Brad: I could hardly look at your page. It made me a little sick to my stomach.
Me: [stunned silence]
Brad: Hello? Can you hear me now?
Me: WTF? Why did my page make you sick? Was it too pink and flowery? Cause I thought it was cute.
Brad: No it was your profile pic.
Me: My profile pic? Aren't you over reacting a little?
Brad: No. You had someones shoe in your mouth. You don't know where that has been.
Me: In fact I do. They came directly out of the box about 15 minutes before we piled into the limo where this picture was taken. You are such a drama queen.
Brad: Still its gross.
Me: I could charge money on some websites for people to look at that picture.
Brad: Gross.

We did a little more back and forth on the topic of foot fetishes. We never reached an agreement on the picture in question. Personally I maintain my stance that the shoes were minutes old and I probably had enough alcohol in my system to sterilize surgical instruments. Brad however disagrees and now finds me to be a repulsive individual.

But I will allow you to be the judge.