Monday, July 9, 2007

Okay for some reason Blogger is not letting my type anything in the title section, so this entry is going up without a title. But thats okay as the title I had in mind was not all that clever or interesting.

Can I just say that I no longer like having a day off in the middle of the week. It really screws up my work rhythm. Having Wednesday off and then work again on Thursday was too much of a tease. Give me the standard three day weekend anytime.

This weekend was a bit spur of the moment and a lot of fun followed by a lot of recovering. Rose invited me to a wedding in Bodega Bay. The wedding was Saturday morning and she extended the offer on Thursday evening and we were to leave Sacramento Friday after work. There was much frantic preparation and there were numerous causalities. Lets make a list for fun shall we:

1 Albertsons Employee's Confidence (when a sign says buy one get one free and the scanner does not register that, it is best that you give me the buy one get one price as I will eventually get my way and you will leave in tears)

1 Washington Mutual ATM (How the HELL is an ATM out of money? I am fairly sure that WAMU will be sending me a bill for the dents I put in the machine with my foot.(in my defense I was fresh from the confrontation at Albertson's and feeling more than a little combative.))

1 Chevron Customer will now pump gas with a limp for the rest of his life (Shockingly I had nothing to do with this. He tripped and fell on his way into the store and I may or may not have laughed myself into an asthma attack)

2 shoulders after being in the sun for WAY too long on Saturday (But the beach was soo pretty and beach combing is very involved. Two hours can seem like 20 minutes, without sunscreen that is a deadly combination for my delicate skin)

1 pedicure (rocky beach and painted toes are not to be combined for any length of time...ever)

The wedding was very nice. The ceremony was on a beach and very short. Which was good because standing for any period of time on the rocky shore would have really sucked. The reception was at a house that the couple had rented. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The house that is. The views alone were worth a million bucks. But the house itself was huge and decorated impeccably in a beach theme that was tasteful, not cartoon like Red Lobster-esq with fish nets on the wall. I would post pictures but there were numerous camera malfunctions (I would put this on the causalities list, but it was not my camera and it did start working again on Sunday). After the reception Rose and I made a little stop to stick our feet in the Pacific. We beach combed for two hours before we noticed that we both resembled boiled lobsters.

Rose and I headed back to Sacramento on Saturday and we stopped at some outlets that were on the way. I ducked into the Banana Republic and came out with a shirt for work and some tortoise shell bracelets. Then I ran across the parking lot to the Gap and bought a pair of capris, long shorts (they graze the top of my knees) and a cute short sleeved sweater (totally work appropriate). The prices were good but not stellar, it was all stuff that my closet was in dire need of. I had not shopped for clothing in months.

Sunday I spent the day passed out on Alicia's couch. Being sun burnt takes a lot out of a gal. Fortunately she is used to me being a lousy house guest and proceeded with business as usual.

That brings me to today looking down the barrel of a five day work week. I fell off the diet wagon BIG TIME this weekend so I have big aspirations of adding 10 minutes to my tread mill time everyday this week. I am hoping that it won't kill me. Send me good work out non dieing vibes......