Monday, January 19, 2009


I am a crafter. My ideal life would be to stay home and make things. By “things” I mean all sorts of things. I crochet. I knit(admittedly not well). I make jewelry. I paint. I sew. Anything that strikes me as interesting I will dissect it and figure out hose to make it then give it my all. Because I have such an unfocused interest in making anything and everything I have accumulated a massive about of supplies and random craft related stuff.

Ryan is moving into my 650 square feet of space. Two people and their stuff occupying my (soon to be our) apartment calls for some serious organization. I have devised a plan of attack. I will tackle one area of the space at a time. The biggest area of concern is my dining area. It does double duty. It serves as a place for Ryan and I to eat dinner but also as a space for my crafting and craft supplies. It is out in the open so it must be attractive to the eye and organized for easy use.

Below are images that have been surfing through my mind.

From Country Living Magazine, There is something appealing about having all the chaos contained in a closet like this. As pretty as this is I don't see it as a solution for my need. I do think that the bins and baskets would look great in my dining/craft area.

From moline's photostream on Flickr. I love the colors and the mix of collections and crafting.

This is also on Flickr from nestdecorating's photostream. I have a feeling that my space will end up similar to this. I am okay with that. This is the look of creativity and a happy crafter/sewer/jewelry maker.

If I had a goal in mind for my craft area this would be it. I love the mix of vintage and new. You can see everything but it is not perfect. I could spend many happy hours in this area creating and trying new techniques.