Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vacations and Jesus

Being friends with someone means that you accept them for who they are, you take the weird with the normal, the obsessive with the aloof, and the bizarre with the oh my fucking God you are one crazy bitch. After years of developing a relationship and nurturing a friendship you eventually begin to take on the other persons idiosyncrasies and they morph with your own creating an interesting and wonderfully dynamic quirk in your own character. Something that would not be there if you had not decided to pledge the same sorority back in 2002.

Let the normal begin:

Aimee: I took a bunch of time off this month – I’m going to be off work from May 24 – June 3.
I don’t know if I’ll want to come back after that much time off!

Me: lol...I know I wouldn't. Why are you taking all the time, just cause you can? Speaking of time off I need to request for my sisters graduation....thanks for reminding me!

Introducing the segue:

Aimee:I took time off for LA – then Mark took the week off afterward so we could hang out – so I did too.
I don’t know. Probably just because I can. I like the sound of that. LOL

Me:That sounds cool. What are you guys going to do that week? I was going to take a mental health day but feel weird requesting time off for no other reason besides sleeping in...lol I need to get over that.

Slight change in subject:

Aimee: Sometimes you just need a day of rest. Lol
Ask Jesus.

No clue what we’re planning. I’m thinking that I might get the garage totally cleaned out that week. Get organized and all that good stuff. GIANT SPRING CLEANING week. ::sad::


Me: lol...I ask Jesus many many things. Like, why he is drunk in my back seat? Or if he would stop it already with the water into wine thing. It was cool the first time but seriously its just getting old.

I would love a week of cleaning! We are getting old.

Friendly advice:

Aimee: I know! Isn’t it sad?!
And uh, you’re totally missing a money making opportunity with this water/wine thing.
I mean if I had my very own water/wine converting Jesus, well, I’d definitely be adding to my Sunglass fund.


Me: Good point. I should start peddling my Jesus wine on a freeway off ramp

Aimee: That is it’s own special brand of crazy. lol

That ladies and gentlemen, was my Tuesday morning.

::EDIT:: Did anyone else notice the abundance of "lols"? I did. Either Aimee and I really do Laugh Out Loud a lot or its a cutting edge form of punctuation. Sort of like that new fangled exclamation point everyone has been talking about! <-- See there it is!<-- There is is again!<-- And again!<-- Allright, allright I guess you get the point? <-- Ha, get it "point", arrow, bahahah. Yeah, okay, I'm done now.