Monday, July 2, 2007

Wal-Mart, Bars, and Photos....Oh My

So its back to business as usual today. I am looking forward to Wednesday. Not just because we get to celebrate our great Nation's Independence Day by grilling assorted meats and setting off fire works but because I get a paid day off in the middle of the week.

I do not currently have plans for the 4th but I am fairly sure it will not involve a bar-b-que. I foresee sleeping in and lots of Home and Garden Television.

Now for my weekend recap....

Friday after work I put in my time on the tread mill. Then Alicia begged me to keep her company while she drove out to call on one of her accounts. It just so happened that this account was an Indian Casino about 45 minutes out of Sacramento. I agreed and off we went. I figured while she was doing her work thing that I would park myself in front of a slot machine and maybe score a free cocktail or two. BUT! And this is a big BUT, they do not serve alcohol in the casino. So plan A went out the window. Yeah right, like I am going to sit there and pump money into that machine while no one serves me well drinks for the lovely price of free. I think not. I chose to enact plan B, I hovered while Alicia talked to official looking people and typed things into her computer. We ended up having dinner while we were there. Apparently this place is supposed to have a wonderful seafood buffet and it is a "must" if you are anywhere in the vicinity of this casino. Well I contend that it is a "must avoid". I was not impressed. Basically I had $25 single piece of sushi and garden salad dinner.

Saturday I spent a small fortune at the new 24 hour Super Wal-Mart. Word of advice if you have never been to a Super Wal-Mart...block off an entire afternoon if you plan to set foot through the sliding doors. The place is huge and they literally have everything that you could want. I was there for two hours but I do not feel like I utilized the superness of the Super Wal-Mart to its potential. Next time I go I plan to have my tires rotated, hair cut, taxes done, and grocery shop while I wait for my prescription to be filled.

Saturday night was a lot of fun. Alicia and I went to Crawdads Cantina. They advertise live music on Friday and Saturday nights. We got there a little early so that we had time to grab some dinner before the drinking and dancing officially started. Crawdads is a cool little place. It is located right on the river (I have no idea which one) and people with boats pull and dock to join the festivities. It was an interesting mix of people. Groups that you could tell had been on their boat all day in their flip flops and board shorts, people like Alicia and I eating and waiting to here some music, and there were two bachelorette parties.

The evening was filled with much dancing and much drinking, leading us to believe that it is not a little weird to take pictures like this:

Also we met a man with the largest hands I have ever seen in my life. Seriously, can you imagine how hard it is for him to find gloves?

Sunday I spent on my couch moaning and groaning about how I will never drink again.