Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm Baaak (Insert the Jaws theme song here)

Long time. No post. No fear, I am alive and kicking. I have just been so super busy at work lazy. Truth be told I guess my life has just been boring and run of the mill lately. I am sure most would consider it a good thing. After all no excitement is better than tragedy and heartache. I would have to agree but it would be nice to get a girl’s blood pumping every now and then.

Boring or not, change is unavoidable and there have been a couple of things going on.

First being that I was given a substantial raise at work. It was a merit raise that was totally unexpected. I went with my boss to pick up pizza for the office and she broke the news to me while The Pussy Cat Dolls sang “Don’t Cha” on the radio. It was a moment worth remembering folks.

Second I was introduced to It has managed to suck hours and hours of my time. For those of you unfamiliar with its this genius website that has a cache of books available for you to read via email. Installments are sent to your email address from the book of your choice. At the end of each installment you have the choice to wait until the next day for the next installment or have it sent to you RIGHT NOW. I tell you it’s a black hole for the work day. I find myself reading and clicking for that next installment over and over again (see I totally deserved the raise). Currently I am reading The Swiss Family Robinson.

Third, my garbage disposal spontaneously stopped working for no apparent reason what so ever. I am positive it had nothing to do with the coffee grounds and potato peels I crammed in it. Now I will have to lock my cat in the bathroom while someone comes in to work on it. I am dreading this for one simple reason: My cat is a total bitch after being locked in the bathroom. I had to contain her in the bathroom not too long ago when there was a recall on my dishwasher. She was less than understanding when I tried to explain that unless it is fixed the damn thing would most likely explode thus causing my pretty pink dishes be reduced to shards of pretty pink shrapnel. But I digress…after being locked in the bathroom for less than four hours (as that is when I came home for lunch) when I opened the door she shot out of there like a little brown blur expressing her displeasure by howling her feelings at me and promptly sat under the kitchen table grumbling at me every time I walked past.

Lastly for your viewing pleasure:

I call this: My interpretation of Brittany only with slightly more class and a lot less cRaZy