Friday, June 5, 2009

What my day looks like


Second, the camera phone pictures are as good as it gets today and probably most days. I have a love/hate relationship with my camera phone. I love it cause its always ready but I hate it cause the picture quality sucks. If I waited to post things that were photographed then downloaded to a computer things would never get posted. Lets face it I am not the most regular blog poster type person anyway.
So without further ado this is what my Friday looks like:
This man right here is a keeper. (The dog is his mother's that we were dog sitting for and is not allowed on furniture. Us being the rule abiding couple invited the dog on the couch to take this picture and send to his mother no less than 10 minutes after the dog was dropped off.)
The lovely man in the above picture surprised me at work with these.

and this. (5 layer dip and chips)

No meal of chips and dip is complete without a beverage. Notice the concern for my health (read: Green Tea) and my weight (read: Diet). I won't read too much into the "Diet" part and just enjoy the sweetness that is Ryan. (also notice my cleavage is about to attack the bottle. Maybe I should reconsider having pictures with that much cleavage on my desk at work.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!