Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Now serving up a big ol' slap in the face followed by a swift kick to the shins

For the record I wanted to post this yesterday. I have to post at work because I don't have a computer at home. I know that I am a really sucky employee who should pay my boss for the privilege of walking through the front door every morning. But I digress....I did really plan to post this yesterday but my computer went down. I'm talking like Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire, went down (I think there was even some smoke). I call the IT guy who quickly radioed for back up and the next thing you know nerdy guys were descending from grappling hooks and charging towards my desk. But then I woke up, scratched the sleep from my eyes and waited for the IT guy to finish at the bank and swing by Blockbuster before making his way to me. I was not able to get back online until 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave. So I logged out and left 5 minutes early.

Now for the blogging........

Like I said in my "about me" section I recently adopted a cat from the SPCA. She is a pretty little tabby that I named Ginger. I was thrown into a full blown panic attack when she stopped peeing (I noticed this over a period of about two days, it took that long because apparently there is not a light that comes on or a buzzer that goes off telling me to monitor your cat's urination habits (it would have been nice if some one at the animal shelter explained that to me prior to the adoption, I mean my car has a check engine light (does anyone else think that when the SPCA microchips animals that it should come equipped with a "service needed" notification of some sort? It wouldn't have to make noise or flash but it could generate an email or something)). I darted through my house looking for any "accidents". 3 minutes later having found no evidence of cat pee anywhere. I was convinced that Ginger was sick. She was so ill she could not urinate. I found my yellow pages and was dialing the emergency vet when Ginger pooped. I cocked my head to the side and thought to myself....."Emily, this cat is messing with you. She can pee. She just won't. Did I anger her in some way? She has to be protesting something." So I busied myself combing her and cuddling her. Thinking that maybe if I was nice enough she would pee. Two more days and nothing. I don't care how mad you are. Holding pee for that long has to wear on a soul. So I call the vet on Monday and they fit me in later that afternoon. I trudge into the vet's door holding the carrier with a yowling cat trapped inside and patiently wait Ginger's turn. Ginger on the other hand did not wait patiently. She yowled and flopped around and wheezed and spit. It was very lady like. The counter people where totally giving me the stink eye. The Vet comes in and was very friendly. She rubbed Ginger down and stated " Well her balder is empty, she is pissing in your house. Now please give me $150". That is not exactly what she said but that is how I heard it. At that point I packed Ginger back into her carrier (after much more wheezing, spitting, and clawing) and took her home. Upon entering the apartment I released Ginger. She ran into my bedroom and hid. I sat down and flipped on the television to see what my DVR had recorded for me when Ginger emerges and slinks along the wall to my dining room and PEES right there in front of me.
Slap in the face = Cat pee in my carpet
Swift Kick to the Shins = paying $150 to find that out

EDIT: I have since moved her litter box to her selected location and she is using it like crazy. I can hardly scoop fast enough.