Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sad Stories in shoe shopping :(

Once there was this girl who loved shoes. She was at the mall one day and wandered into ALDO where she stumbled upon a pair pf paten leather peep toe pumps with a leopard print. It was love at first sight. The relationship was doomed from the beginning when the snotty sales girl informed her that they did not have her size in stock.

Slightly deflated but not completely defeated she made the purchase online from ALDO's website. She waited and waited for two days until her beloved shoes arrived via UPS Ground. To her total shock and complete dismay the shoes were incredibly small and uncomfortable. Her size was indeed printed on the bottom of the shoe and to her knowledge her feet had not grown over night.

For our heroine this was a sad sad day indeed. To add insult to injury she must pay for return shipping to the tune of $11 as ALDO will not accept an in store refund due to her paying for the shoes via Paypal.

Goodbye lovely shoes. It was nice knowing ya!

Moral of the store is that ALDO sucks and that Italian Sizing is not consistent. Just because you are a 40 in one designer does not mean that you are a 40 in every designer.