Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

I get to leave at noon today! Woot! So thrilled. My mom and sisters (Ellen and Elaine) are coming to Sacramento for a day of shopping.

I was forced to go to bed early last night due to the fact that my allergies were AWFUL. I could not even watch television because of the incessant sneezing. It was that bad. I scared the crap out of the cat. She hid under the bed all evening. I guess the site of your mother's head about to explode is a bit unsettling to her. ::shrug::

In an effort to impress my family with my newly adopted cat (they have not had the pleasure to make her acquaintance), I made her a bandanna to wear for when they arrive.(pictures to follow on Monday) The bandanna is a compromise we reached since she is being stubborn about wearing the shirt I bought her (more pictures to follow if she does not claw my eyes out). She is a patient cat but I guess she draws the line at me treating her like a purse dog.

This morning I woke up early so that could straighten my house. I had a limited time span to get my house in shape for visitors and get ready for work so I took a diet pill for energy. One of my old school diet pills with Ephedra. You know the legal form of CRACK! It had been months, maybe years since I had popped one of those puppies. I tell you, I am wired for sound. 20 minutes after ingesting the little red pill the chemical high rolled over me like a Mack Truck. I was a total of blur wielding a broom and Febreeze. This too scared the cat (I believe she thinks I am CrAzY and is plotting her escape). I will most likely go into cardiac arrest if my heart rate does not return to normal soon, but hey at least if I die my place is spic and span, and I am wearing clean underwear. Lets all cross our fingers that the paramedics are cute. What? I know I have a boyfriend but come on, if you have to get mouth to mouth you know you would want it to be from the hot guy in an EMT shirt.....don't lie.

EDIT: I want Steve and only Steve to be the one to perform mouth to mouth and I will wear one of those medical alert bracelets stating that fact. I am a selfish inconsiderate woman who needs to come out of my crack induced haze before posting blogs.