Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Looky Here

Its been almost a year to the day since my last post.. Wow.

Here I am starting it back up again.

There are a few updates since last September (I'll put this in list format for quick reference):

1. Broke up with the Steve that I was dating last year
2. Met another Steve and started dating him
3. Broke up with Steve number two
4. Made a mental not to never date another Steve
5. My office moved which is only significant cause it was surprisingly stressful
6. Met a guy named Ryan
7. Happily started dating Ryan
8. have dated him for 6 weeks now and not once wanted to kick him in the balls (its a personal record)
9. Offered a promotion at work....will not kick in until November

Promises for the new blog. Notice the new name Ginger's House.

1. Regular posting...several times a week on subjects that I deem blog worthy. Basically the translation on that is "I am not going to categorize my blog." I will write about my daily life, pop culture, fashion, decorating, and my cat.

2. To have more pictures. Giving credit where credit is due of course.

This is an image from Heather Bailey's website. She gives a wonderful tutorial over there if you are interested in knowing how to make these. My current project is to make a quilt out of about 9 million of these puppies. I love sitting in front of the television and hammering these bad boys out (technical name for the "puppies/bad boys" is "Yo-yo"). I anticipate a completed quilt by 2013. TO say that it takes a lot of these yo-yos to make a quilt is an understatement.