Thursday, July 5, 2007

Why I am not a case anyone was curious

Happy belated Independence Day!

I hope everyone had a lovely 4th and woke up today not having blown any of their fingers off in an ill fated fire works extravaganza.

Personally all of my fingers and toes are accounted for as I did not not so much as hold a sparkler. But around 9:30 pm I did watch some really annoying people set off fireworks for about 30 seconds until I lost my temper and left the area squealing my tires for dramatic affect. I am so the Grinch that stole the 4th of July. But in my defense the jerks were setting off their fireworks no less than 3 feet from the bumper of my car. When they could have moved 10 feet to the left to a completely bare section of street and proceeded to blow shit up. Yeah, yeah I know California has some kind of law rendering all fireworks sold in the state to be Literally. Still, with all the problems that my car has given me lately I was not going to leave my car in that spot risking some sort of firework induced damage.

I was also privy to an earlier fireworks display while the sun was still out (cause that makes sense people, but whatever) I was out on my balcony and looking down into this courtyard/pathway that is directly below me and there were some neighborhood children setting off fireworks in rather unsafe manners. Launching them off of the retaining wall, throwing them directly into the bushes (I am pretty sure the children drank some lead based paint prior to this activity), or waiting until people were walking past and lighting the fuse. I had a couple of options upon observing this.
1) I could have shaken my fist in the air while yelling about "darn kids" and "getting off my lawn" or 2) Knocked on their mother's door and made her a wear that while she was watching Oprah her children were playing with fire and possibly committing arson what with throwing lit fireworks in the landscaping. But I did neither of those things because a) I do not have a lawn nor am I ready to sound like the cranky old cat lady that terrorizes children. b) I'm not a snitch. The only action I took was going back in the house (damn it was hot outside) and figured that if they blew off an extremity they would learn not to play with explosives. I am all about life lessons people, especially the kind that leave permanent marks.